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2024 Update

Eight years ago on January 6, Epiphany, Bob and Lynn Scudieri began an adventure called Mission Nation Publishing. For those six years Bob led the organization, but by the grace of God the Lord has raised up some new leadership for a new day. Starting January 1, Celina Haupt became the Chief Operating Officer, COO, of Mission Nation. Celina has a background in teaching and social media work, has been on mission trips and spoken to gatherings of pastors’ wives across the United States. She and her husband, Ben, live on the campus of Concordia Seminary, where Ben teaches, and they have two teenage boys - Aidan and Noah. Celina will be responsible for overseeing the day to day activities of the organization.

Mission Nation will continue its mission of giving voice to the new missionaries to America, and begin new work with LCMS districts to find ways to inspire and equip churches to reach new ethnic groups. Bob Scudieri will serve as President Emeritus of MNP and an honorary member of the Board of Directors. We thank God for faithful supporters like you who have a passion for seeing the gospel reach all nations, especially in America. Your continued prayers are appreciated as we move forward in this important work! Thank you all.

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Welcome, Celina. Jan and I are praying for you in our prayers together every morning. The Lord bless you in this work. Thanks for all the great things you've already done and are doing.

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