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Missionary Biographies

Mission Nation Missionary Biographies share stories of a diverse group of primarily immigrant missionaries to America. We give them a voice to tell their stories of how America became their mission field. These stories describe poverty, religious oppression and suffering in countries in South Asia, Africa and South America. In some cases, our missionaries endangered themselves and their families defending their Christian faith. Our books give a new level of understanding of the historical and political cultures in other countries, that immigrants bring to their lives in America. Our focus is encouraging mission-minded Christians to support ethnic diversity in their churches.

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Books on Mission

The United States population is now 59% white English speaking, and new immigrants arrive by the thousands every day. Churches remain mostly culturally homogenous. How can a church be inspired and equipped to reach an ethnic group different from their own? Together in Mission2 is a manual for churches that want to bring the good news of God's love to a more diverse population.

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Books on Mission & The Early Church

What do Christians mean when they confess their faith in one, holy, catholic and apostolic church?  Used at various seminaries as a mission text, but written in terms any layperson can understand.  The Apostolic Church links back to our mission-based foundations.  The apostles were missionaries and their stories give direction to our work as modern-day missionaries. 

With thoughts on questions about who the apostles were, these books dive deep into the answers.  Where did they go after Jesus' ascension?  What did they do?  Where and how did they die? Using Scripture and the best research available, the personalities and methods of the twelve disciples come to life. 

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Mission in the Bible

The Bible began as a missions tool!  The Mission Bible commentary seeks to resurrect that mission-focused function by commenting on the mission commentary on the Bible.  The series is meant especially for mission leaders who speak English as a second language.

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