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The Opened Eyed Missionary

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The true story of how the Word removed the scales from the eyes of a believer in Saudi Arabia

Farrukh Khan was brought up in a wealthy family in Pakistan. A military revolt and religious extremists fleeing the Russian invasion in Afghanistan made sharing Christianity dangerous. After earning an engineering degree Farrukh found work in Saudi Arabia working for ARAMCO.

The Christians in Saudi Arabia worshipped secretly in small, private groups and home Bible studies. They grew in their understanding of the complete, undeserved love of God. Understanding more and more the grace of God, Farrukh was compelled by the Holy Spirit to attend a seminary and become a missionary to Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. The story of how and where he found the support he needed is one of sacrifice, faith and miraculous guidance. His journey brought him to work today as a missionary in America.

Farrukh and Khurram Khan grew up in Pakistan in a Christian family. As engineers in Saudi Arabia the repression against Christians caused them to grow in their Christian faith. They decided to become missionaries to show especially Muslims the love God has for us, shown chiefly in Jesus. Khurram, Farrukh and their families moved to the United States and began a mission that has grown across the country, bringing hope and joy to Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus.

what people are saying...

Amazing how God personally speaks to each one of them to bring His Word and salvation to many. Recommended to anyone wanting to know more about the personal God we serve! It left me on the edge of my seat and had trouble putting it down.

I enjoyed reading this exciting and fast-paced account of Farrukh Khan and his family. The story relates the history of his grandfather’s conversion to Christianity at great risk to his life. However, he follows God’s lead and demonstrates Christian love through his medical practice even offering care and provision for the family members who tried to kill him. Farrukh is born into this legacy and he and his brother further God’s mission in countries both restricted and free. It is a story of loss and provision, God’s faithfulness and intervention through the vision of men willing to risk their very lives for the sake of the Gospel.

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