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The world is changing at a rapid pace. God is enabling people to come from every corner of the planet to move into communities, both rural and urban, that were once monolithic and the same in ethnicity, language, and culture. To thrive in this new world pastors, leaders, and congregations do well to adjust their thinking and activity to reflect the emerging nations that come into their communities. We no longer need to ‘go’ to them. The Lord is sending them to us.

REV7:9 will teach us to be courageous and faithful in reaching those being sent by providing resources & consultation to incite & excite the people of God to courageously press into this emerging ministry opportunity.

REV7:9 is an initiative of Mission Nation Publishing and created to reach the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod congregation members who have people of ethnicity and culture that is different from the one dominant in their congregation living in the places they worship, live, play, learn and work.  Our job as faithful followers of Jesus is to do as commanded, "make disciples of all nations" baptizing and teaching them with the presence of Jesus always before us. 


The mission of the REV7:9 initiative is to inspire and equip pastors, leaders, and congregations to reach every nation, tribe, peoples, and language by identifying, producing, and encouraging the use of resources that will equip congregation members in outreach efforts to ethnically diverse community members.  REV7:9 will cluster groups of leaders, congregations and their teams for education, sharing experiences and mutual support through small group triads and coaching. 

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Interested in personally becoming involved in reaching new ethnic groups in your own community?  Download this First Steps plan to become a faithful servant!

Order your copy of our new book, Together in Mission2.   It Contains Three Biblical Principles and Eight Best Practices for Reaching Across Cultures for the Sake of Christ’s Mission. Contributors : Jon Diefenthaler, Yared Halche, Tesfai Tesema, and Robert Scudieri

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Together in Mission2

A Simple Training To Equip Every-day Believers

Many Christians feel deeply passionate about their faith yet feel insecure, even uncertain, about how to share faith with friends and neighbors in a culture that is not interested in the church.  The old systems for outreach aren't working anymore.

The Missionary Pathway is a free, eight-session online course built to provide Christians with a simple, repeatable framework for community engagement.

Since its launch in Sept 2022, the Missionary Pathway has helped over 150+ people in 8 countries increase their confidence in sharing their faith. 

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