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Explore the incredible journey of Shang Ik Moon, a North Korean child during WWII, who overcame the chaos of war to find a life-changing path to South Korea as the Korean War raged on. Caught between advancing forces, he scavenged for survival in garbage dumps. In his darkest hours, a compassionate U.S. Army chaplain guided him on a path of Christian faith and education in the United States.

Today, Moon's journey has come full circle as he retired as the provost of Concordia University, making a lasting impact as a beloved teacher and catalyst for over sixty Korean churches in the Los Angeles area. This story of faith, resilience, and remarkable transformation is perfect for small groups and ignites powerful, farth-filled conversations.

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Discover a compelling journey of faith and forgiveness as Noor Hok, known as Victoria, grows up as a Christian girl in Pakistan, facing discrimination and danger due to her faith. "The Despicable Missionary" traces her life from birth to young adulthood, exploring her unwavering defense of her faith and her transformative path toward forgiveness and love for Muslims.

This is a powerful testimony of choosing to walk in Jesus' Way, bringing peace and comfort to those who suffer. Small groups love this captivating narrative of faith, resilience, and enduring forgiveness.

Melissa's journey embodies unwavering commitment and resilience. Raised near an Apache reservation in New Mexico, she embraced community and service. Despite challenges in a crime-ridden Long Beach neighborhood, she excelled academically and earned a law degree. God continued to guide Melissa as she worked with Lutheran Women's Missionary League and eventually to serve as a missionary in Tijuana. The Tenacious Missionary leads small groups into powerful discussion about faith, community, and shared mission.


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