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The Despicable Missionary

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How a young Christian girl in Pakistan learned to defend her faith and love Muslims

What was it like for a young Christian girl to grow up in Pakistan? THE DESPICABLE MISSIONARY is a true story that traces the life of Victoria (Noor Hok)  from birth to a young adult, as she leans to defend her faith, and love Muslims. Follow her though turbulent political times from Partition, through military dictatorship and the Muslim revolution in Pakistan. Discover what she learned about forgiveness and love for the man she was engaged to as a child, who abandoned her, and years later returned. Then, as immigrants in the United States, live with her through the tragedy of 9-11, the stereotyping by Americans of immigrants from Pakistan, and the time when she finds her voice, telling of the love God has for all people, even enemies. THE DESPICABLE MISSIONARY is a testimony by someone who chose to live in Jesus' Way, a life that brought peace and comfort to those who suffer.

Noor Hok (Victoria in the book) grew up as a Christian girl in Pakistan. She was discriminated against because of her faith, and because she was female. Twice she faced death because of her faith. She harbored much anger towards Muslims into adulthood. As her Christian faith matured she found she was able to forgive her assailants and to love Muslims. This is her story of forgiveness.

what people are saying...

Interesting read. I found myself annoyed with Virginia in the beginning of the book but kept reading to better understand the struggles she dealt with due to prejudices against those who are different or of other faith. I liked the story around her marriage- the "why's of what happened. And I admire her strength and passion.. This book opens your eyes to sufferings of others and reminded me of how truly blessed I am.

CT Mom

This is an engaging story about the struggles of Victoria, a Christian girl in a predominantly Muslim country. I enjoyed gaining a high level understanding about the history, politics and culture of Pakistan. The book encourages discussion about discrimination, prejudice, bullying and ultimately forgiveness. It would be ideal for Christian book clubs, Bible Study groups or as part of the curriculum for teenagers in a religiously affiliated school.


The book is appropriate for junior high through adult readers.

The Despicable Missionary shares the heartfelt experiences of a Christian female from childhood to adulthood, living in an increasingly hostile environment in Pakistan. It is an important reminder of the religious and gender oppression that still exists in the modern world. This dangerous and infuriating reality is balanced with the beauty of a deep faith and the power of acceptance and forgiveness in human beings. 

Engaging Read

I recently read The Despicable Missionary at the suggestion of a friend. I must admit I began the book with moderate expectations, and was I ever pleasantly surprised! I found the story compelling and relevant to modern day life including life in America. The book raises many potential discussion topics which families, book clubs, Bible study groups or high school religion classes would find useful. Highly recommend the book!


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