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The Unexpected Missionary

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The true story of Gagan Gurung, a Hindu-Buddhist from Nepal who ran away from his baptism and became a Christian missionary to America

Gagan Gurung never expected he would become a Christian, let alone a missionary and never would have believed he would become a missionary to America. His family was from Nepal, but they lived in a difficult time in Bhutan. His father had taken the family to Bhutan to find work. Eventually, oppression by the government forced the Nepalese workers to leave. 

Arriving as refugees in Nepal, they suffered lack of shelter, food, and water. As time went on, the camp became more livable, but never a good place to live - certainly not to raise a family. Gagan's family would live there for 22 years. Thousands of

refugees grew up in the camp, married, had children, suffered, and died there. Gagan's family experienced all of this. When a local Christian missionary baptized his brother and sister in law, it was assumed Gagan would be baptized. However, when the day came, Gagan ran away. 

Only later, after a miracle brought Gagan Gurung to faith, would he be baptized. Years in the camp eventually gave way to an open door in America. In his new country, Gagan Gurung would work with local churches to bring many to faith in Jesus and to baptism.

Gagan Gurung was born in Bhutan of Nepalese parents. When Bhutan began a purge of people from Nepal he moved with his family to a refugee camp in Nepal, where he lived for twenty two years. During that time a miracle brought Gagan to faith in Jesus. His life changed he began churches in the refugee camp, until his family was given refugee status to come to America. Today, in St. Louis, Mo, Gagan has led more than fifty Nepalese immigrants to baptism. 

what people are saying...

I've read several of the books in this missionary series and they have made me aware of my ignorance of the poverty, political conflict and suffering in countries in South Asia. The Unexpected Missionary describes the difficult life Gagan Gurung experienced from a young child on a farm in Bhutan through adulthood in a refugee camp in Nepal, Beldangi 3. Gagan grew up in a Hindu family and initially rejected Christianity, the religion his brother's family converted to in Nepal. When he was inspired and ready, Gagan embraced and converted to Christianity. He spent many years as an evangelist in the refugee camp. Eventually he migrated to the United States where his missionary work continues today.


Gagan Gurung journeys from a Hindu/Buddhist childhood in India and Bhutan into the kingdom of God as a refugee in Nepal. Gagan remains flexible through all the unexpected changes in his life, losing both parents and three homes. He learns that God sustains and graciously provides. A quick read with encouraging insights.

The Aunt

Thoughtfully written with a glimpse of
how God has guided an immigrant through a tangled, difficult road to His loving arms.

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