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The Guided Missionary

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How God Guided James Roy from Bangladesh to America

The Guided Missionary is book number 8 in the "Missionaries to America" series. It is a book that tell the story of how God guided a man from Bangladesh to New York City and a ministry of peace for persecuted people.

James Roy was a young man who joined the military during the horrific civil war in 1971 in Pakistan. The war was fought to provide a more open culture where every religion would be welcome. The outcome was the creation of Bangladesh. The book follows the complicated history that followed the war, a time when Islam became the official religion of the new country. The dream of an open society had to wait.

James found strength in his Christian religion in the face of serious opposition. Guided by his loving God, James shared his faith with others; eventually, he started work for a non-governmental Christian organization, meeting the physical and spiritual needs of poor people. The success he experienced caught the attention of extremists; kidnapped, with a gun to his head, he was ordered to leave his country, and his dream of an open society.

But God miraculously guided James to a city in America where many other Bangladeshis had escaped. A city where he came to understand why the Lord had allowed him to be driven out. Coming out of a train station, he had a surprise encounter with a missionary from Guyana, Rev. Udit. Udit said to him, "You don't know me, but I believe God may have chosen you to be a missionary among Muslims here in New York." It was a chance encounter according to a plan.

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