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Where Two or More are Gathered

What was the first home Bible study? For me it comes in Acts chapter 10, and was held among gentiles. A centurion by the name of Cornelius had a vision. He saw an angel who told this gentile to send for, “A man named Simon who is called Peter.” (Acts 10:5) Cornelius sent three men to investigate, and Peter ends up at the front door of a gentile.God had prepared Peter and the other missionary/apostles for this: “Forgiveness of sins will be preached to all nations, beginning in Jerusalem.” (Luke 24:47). But go inside the home of a gentile?

Cornelius had invited family and friends to hear what God had to say. But when Peter stood at the door he was met with the scent of gentile food and heard gentiles speaking. His stomach must have been turning! But he went in and shared what God had done to raise Jesus from the dead, just as the prophets in the Bible had predicted.

And what happened? The Holy Spirit came through Peter’s words, and the gentiles fell into an ecstacy praising God.

For the past seven years, Mission Nation's mission has been to create biographies that "Give a voice to the new missionaries in America." These biographies serve as excellent resources for small group ministries, igniting meaningful discussions and fostering cultural understanding. Beyond that, these books inspire churches to transcend cultural barriers and engage in outreach, as exemplified by Peace Lutheran Church in Naples, Florida.

After two years of reading biographies of missionaries from Palestine, Pakistan, Nepal, Mexico, Eritrea and elsewhere the members of Peace were ready for a challenge. When a group of Haitian immigrants asked to join this Lutheran Church a voters meeting was held. After a half hour of discussion almost everyone was ready to vote yes. It was one older woman who raised her hand: “I am ok with the Haitians worshiping here, but they have to use English.” The pastor responded, “Well, in the church where I grew up Slovak was spoken.” Someone else said, “I know Lutheran churches where German is still the language of worship.” Everyone laughed and the vote to include Haitian immigrants passed unanimously.

Much like Peter at Cornelius's doorstep, one can imagine Jesus standing at the threshold of Earth, taking in the sights, sounds, and struggles of humanity, including pain, pandemics, and wars. Just as Jesus stepped inside to be with us, the question remains: will churches in America step outside their comfort zones to embrace and support new communities?

Missionary biographies can play a central role in sensitizing American churches to the transformative work that God is orchestrating. Jesus continues to guide His church in its mission to reach all nations, and we invite your small groups to be part of this meaningful movement.

-Bob Scuderi

Want more info about using our biographies in your small group? Click the graphic or contact Celina at for more information

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