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In the 1980s Dr. Ed Westcott, Mission Executive, saw America becoming more diverse. He cast of vision for the way the Lord was bringing people from countries around the world who might not be able to hear the gospel in their own countries. He could not have seen how these new Americans would themselves become a force for mission in their new land.

For almost eight years Mission Nation Publishing has given a voice to new missionaries to America. These are men and women have gone through terrible challenges to bring the gospel to a church in America that has been in decline. They are gifts from God to strengthen His church. A year and a half ago thanks to help from the national LWML, the Lord opened a door for Mission Nation to help inspire and equip churches to reach an ethnic group different from their own - one of the most strategic spiritual challenges of the twenty-first century. The grant has allowed the Florida/Georgia District, under the leadership of Rev. Victor Belton, to test strategies for reaching new ethnic groups in twenty two churches in what is called "Revelation 7:9."

Next Spring mission executives and district presidents from fifteen to twenty districts will meet in Orlando to hear the results of the pilot. We ask you to come alongside these missionaries. Three new books  about missionaries to America are waiting to be published, but it costs four thousand dollars to print one book. Any amount you can send to support this mission, $20, $200, $2,000, $20,000 would be much appreciated. Become a partner and help us bring the gospel to "every nation, tribe, people and language" (Revelation 7:9) in America.

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