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Mission Nation Publishing encourages and inspires diversity in the church.  We create and provide multimedia resources including print, audio, video & digital. Mission Nation's mission is to energize and equip churches to reach new ethnic groups in America with the gospel of Jesus. Mission Nation is unique in that it gives a voice and support to immigrant missionaries to America who view the United States as a mission field.  Are you interested in reaching new ethnic groups in your community? 

United States as a mission field?

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 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth” (Acts 1:8).

Missionaries to America?


God is sending new missionaries to America, but how many people know their stories or how to support them? Mission Nation Publishing gives a voice to the 'Missionaries to America'. These are men and women who  have risked everything for the sake of the gospel. Your purchase helps share God's missionaries stories. 

Who will tell the stories?

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 "The fields are ripe for harvest; the laborers are few." That's Jesus' encouragement to get those workers out! He even brings them to us in the form of new missionaries to America. Will the church, will your church, be inspired and equipped to touch their lives? God has been sending new people, new passion to bring a dying world to Christ. You can help. But if we wait too long, many will be lost. Please send your gift to Mission Nation's effort to produce resources that can help you make God real to people different from you. 


Not only for adults

These exciting, real life accounts of danger, struggle and redemption make religion come alive for teens and tweens and open their minds to tragedies and suffering happening in countries they know little about. The books portray the faith journeys of missionaries and their immigration to the United States, which was not always easy. They are ideal for middle and high school students in Christian schools, confirmation classes, Christian youth groups and homeschoolers and are sure to generate meaningful discussions.

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The Lord is calling missionaries to America to strengthen the church, but too many times their voices are not heard. For generations, missionary stories have inspired the next generation to go abroad and serve. It’s the every-day, humble people in our Missionary stories, who let God completely guide their steps who He is using to do great things here in the United States. Read stories of great faith and incredible courage with divine intervention.  

Be inspired


What people say about the Missionary Biographies

Amazon Reviews

This book was so exciting from beginning to end. It was hard to put down. It is truly amazing how this boy survived so much turmoil and grew to be such a worker for God. I would recommend this book to anyone seeking an incredible adventure and living through a boy with such determination.

The Bulletproof Missionary

... an engaging story about the struggles of Victoria, a Christian girl in a predominantly Muslim country. I enjoyed gaining a high level understanding about the history, politics and culture of Pakistan. It would be ideal for Christian book clubs, Bible Study groups or as part of the curriculum for teenagers in a religiously affiliated school. 

The Despicable Missionary

God has been leading Melissa Salomon throughout her life which has been one of service and standing up for the less fortunate... she's never been afraid to stand up for what is right and just, which has earned the respect of church and civic leaders on both sides of the border who recognize her as a tenacious, but loving leader. 

The Tenacious Missionary

... made me aware of my ignorance of the poverty, political conflict and suffering in countries in South Asia... describes the difficult life Gagan Gurung experienced from a young child on a farm in Bhutan through adulthood in a refugee camp in Nepal.  Gagan grew up in a Hindi family and initially rejected Christianity...  

The Unexpected Missionary

Read or listen at your leisure, on your favorite device.

There are so many ways to enjoy reading Mission Nation stories.  Are you a kinesthetic reader and need that paperback in your hands? Maybe you prefer technology readers- phone, tablet, Kindle. Maybe audio books are better for you, you can listen on Spotify, Audible and Awsome Sound.

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Mission Nation Publishing in action...

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