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"Priorities of American Missionary Pastors"

Recently I received an email with a special invitation.

For a while I have been “giving a voice to the Missionaries to America;” the email opened another door. Rev. Peter Kelm is the mission executive for the South Wisconsin District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. The email was to tell me about six Missionaries to America called to ministries from many parts of the world, to bring the good news of God’s love in Jesus to people in Milwaukee. Last weekend I went to Milwaukee, met with President John Wille and Rev. Kelm, and had the blessing to hear the stories of these six missionaries.

After I had spoken with these six incredible missionaries (I can’t wait for you to see their videos) I had the chance to sit with Peter Kelm to discuss the differences between pastors and missionaries. The eight minute video can be accessed by clicking on the link below. In America we have not been exposed to the work of missionaries; this was, after all, a Christian country. But Christianity has been declining, and as it has declined countries to which American missionaries had gone years ago, out of disasters and out of love, have been sending missionaries to America.

Frankly, some of the new missionaries understand effective missionary strategies, and others do not. On some fields the white English speaking people were the missionaries and the local people, while they may have been taught to be good pastors (although on some fields even this role was held back from the local people), only sometimes were they formed as missionaries. That is why the question I posed to Peter Kelm is so important.

After you watch the ten minute conversation between me and Rev. Kelm, we would be interested in your thoughts on how missionaries are different from pastors, and teachers, and deacons. What does scripture say? Send us a video and we will put it on the Mission Nation Publishing website. This is a conversation the church in America needs to have; the sooner the better.

Bob Scudieri, Mission Nation Publishing.

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Complete Interview:

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