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Hopelessness: The Mayor of Las Vegas

Missionary to America: Rev. Yared Halche, Ethiopia

Rev Yared Halche came to the United States to earn a doctorate degree, planning all along to return to his home in Ethiopia. Hopelessness got in the way. While in school in Las Vegas, Nevada, Yared was bowled over by the hopelessness he felt in that city. If “What happens

in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas,” his first thought was “I need to leave.” The pain he saw in so many was a sliver under his spirit. “How could this be? People who had so much, yet were so unhappy?” His plan to return to Africa gave way to another vision: America, the country that had brought his nation the gospel, the country that had given the blood of its missionaries so he could know Jesus; America was where God needed him, more than Ethiopia needed him.

In many of the service workers he found hearts open to the hope God gives us in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. As Christ overcoming the tomb brought hope to the earliest followers of Jesus, the message of victory would do the same for those without hope in America. He believed he was only paying back a debt to a country that had brought the gospel to his country.

Rev. Halche started a new church in Las Vegas that grew so quickly it required a new $2 million building. Then, a second church was begun. Leaders were identified for the churches, and Rev. Halche was called to the Southeastern US as an executive, to plant more new churches for the Southeastern District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

The Lord saw the need for new Missionaries to America; He is returning the gospel to the hopeless in this country, using the new missionaries, the Missionaries to America.

Yared Halche -Watch his entire testimony

Watch Dr. Halche share his dreams

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