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What happens when you purchase a book from the Mission Book Display?

Your purchase of mission books through the display

1)  Gives support to a missionary;

2)  Increases a congregation’s joy in mission;

3)  One benefit is providing the congregation with inspiring and eye opening

stories about immigrant missionaries.

Join with others to promote mission work in America

Congregations around the United States are reaching more souls with the good news of eternal life. Many who have not been able to hear this good news in their home countries can now know God’s love through the Savior of the  world, Jesus. Will your church reach out to an ethnic group different from their own? Mission Nation can help.

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Growing Missionary Hearts.png

Growing Missionary Hearts is a ministry of Mission Nation Publishing and your local mission leaders. Your church purchases a minimum of 25 books from the missionary series at the wholesale price of $12 (plus shipping) and you receive a free cardboard book display. Selling the books at your church for a suggested price of $20 each, gives a profit that your church uses to support a mission of your choice, outside of the congregation. A grant from Thrivent makes the first order free. This program enables your congregation to participate in  supporting and encouraging the new missionaries to America, not to mention your own growth and commitment from more mission awareness.

To purchase your books and receive the free book display, please choose the quantities of each book to total 25 books below.  Please add the book display to your order.  Remember to add the shipping cost in the checkout ($55).  Once you submit your order and payment is made, you will be contacted by Cliff Bira concerning the delivery of the books and display to your church. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Cliff at (810) 240-1445.

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