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Mission Nation Publishing recognizes that the Lutheran church has the opportunity to invite and welcome people who are part of distinct ethnic groups into our congregations, schools, and lives.  One way to encourage this interaction is to learn more about the various countries, lifestyles, and characteristics of these ethnic groups.  Our books highlight the unique aspects of the various places our missionaries have lived as well as teach that ministry work is not always Americans going out into the world.  In many cases, God brings people who have lived through challenging experiences to the United States where they indeed become missionaries to those around them.

Do you have trouble finding books that not only engage students' minds but also stir their souls?

Why not introduce them to exciting stories of modern-day heroes of the faith who, despite hardship and loss, discover God’s loving purpose in their lives?

Mission Nation biographies:

  • stimulate students’ interest in missions.

  • teach students about other cultures and encourage them to reach across cultural barriers.

  • help them cultivate Christian virtues, such as forgiveness, mercy, and courage.

  • foster spiritual growth and encourage them to trust in God’s grace and contemplate His plan for their lives.

Mission Nation biographies can be used in several different subject areas, including religion, language arts, and social studies.

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The Despicable Missionary and The Bulletproof Missionary are the two books highlighted in this program. These are true stories of people who chose to trust and follow God despite enduring horrible circumstances.

In The Despicable Missionary, students will be able to relate to Victoria as she struggles to move from having a faith that was instilled in her mind because she was raised in the church to having a faith ingrained in her heart even in the face of persecution.

The Bulletproof Missionary shows students that God works in our lives in many ways that don’t make sense until we can look back and see the connections. He provides a way for us, even in the face of heartbreaking situations. Shang Ik should not have survived, let alone have become a respected college professor as an adult. God’s path for him was a miraculous one.

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