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How do you Grow a Mission?

What is one of the best, creative and easiest ways to grow a mission?

Partnerships! Mission Nation has been blessed to partner with several groups and LCMS districts. One of these is the Lutheran Braille Workers. One of the signs the Messiah had come is the healing of the blind (Isaiah 35:5, Luke 4:18).

Didymus the Blind (born 313 AD) ,an early church father, lost his sight when he was four years old - but that did not stop him. He taught for almost half a century in the Catechetical School of Alexandria, ending up as its head. His passion to share the gospel overcame the barrier of blindness.

Rev. Dave Andrus lost his sight as a child. He was eleven years old. You can imagine the challenge that was. His parents would not let Dave wallow in sorrow or pity - they challenged and helped Dave succeed - eventually supporting him through graduation from Concordia Seminary. Dave had a passion - to inspire and equip blind people to be Christian missionaries. Dave could not do this alone. He looks for churches to partner to begin outreach centers where blind leaders are trained to lead Bible studies that will bring the gospel to blind people.

One thing I learned from Daniel Jenkins is few churches have an intentional ministry to the blind. And, the churches with passion to reach blind people with the gospel need someone to show them how, someone to coach them, to partner with them. Dave cannot be everywhere, so he needs passionate churches to partner with.

Mission Nation's passion is to inspire and equip churches to reach a new ethnic group. Blind people are an ethnic group. To reach them with the gospel we have to find partners.

Recently Mission Nation has expanded its partnership with Lutheran Braille Workers. Daniel Jenkins is president of Lutheran Braille Workers, an organization that supplies free Bibles ever since Helene Koehler taught herself Braille and German in order to sent Braille Bibles to blind pastors in Germany during WWII. In 75 years they have sent over 14 million volumes to blind people in over164 countries in almost 40 languages.

Three years ago Pres Jenkins asked if LBW could publish three of our Mission Nation books in Braille and large print. Our board agreed. Below is the most request we received from Daniel Jenkins:

"Each of the three books you gave us permission for are in both formats and we have already printed and distributed hundreds of these books, both in the United States, and internationally. All three of these books are in high demand currently, and we have fielded a number of phone calls asking if there will be any more coming. I also wanted to ask if there would be interest in allowing LBW access to more titles to put into production in the future."

All Mission Nation books are now available in Braille and large print through Lutheran Braille Workers ( Partnerships are one of the best and easiest ways to grow a ministry. Where in the community around you could you find a partner in mission?

Would you like to partner with Mission Nation Publishing? Let's talk. Email me at

To see more resources that can inspire and equip your church to reach a people group different from your own, and to partner with Mission Nation Publishing, check it out at

Books about missionaries to America open eyes to the realuty there are Lutherans other than white English speaking people - and that God is sending courageous, faith filled women and me to help an American church in decline. They are gifts from God. Right now we are running a special on biographies of missionaries to America. (

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