CEO Announcement


February 25, 2022

Dear Friends of Mission Nation Publishing:

As the Lord leads His mission forward for MNP the time has come that Bob Scudieri has decided to step down as the Chief Executive Officer.  We pause first to offer our thanksgiving for His groundbreaking leadership of MSN, helping churches and ministries reach out to an ethnic group other than their own.  

As a next step the Transition Task Force, appointed by the MNP Board, is seeking nominees for the CEO position.  Attached please find the CEO role description for that position.  Because of your interest and support for this mission endeavor we ask that you prayerfully consider who among your acquaintances might be a candidate for this position.  Or, perhaps, is it you?  Please submit your recommendation(s) to me by Thursday, March 10.  My email address is  

The task force will then contact the individuals you suggest and ask them to consider the position. Our charge is to bring forward 2-3 names of those willing to be considered to the full Mission Board at their upcoming Board meeting.  We thus commend this new step of MNP to the Lord in prayer.  Thank you for your participation in the gospel outreach to new ethnic groups. 


In Christ’s Service, 

Keith E Kohlmeier (JN 15:16)


MNP Task Force Members

  • Keith Kohlmeier

  • Janis McDaniels

  • Mary Manz Simon

  • Dan Gilbert

  • Peter Meier

  • Keith Haney

  • Jim Schlie 


Mission:  Strengthening God’s mission through churches in America by catalyzing and providing resources to reach ethnic groups different from their own.

Vision: Mission Nation is a multi-media ministry with resources in multiple formats strategically partnered and positioned to engage in transformation to increase multi-ethnic ministries and missionary support. 


Please submit your recommendation(s) to me by Thursday, March 10.  My email address is